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Another successful fun club race with 9 paddlers was held today, 9 July 2016. First past the post was Paul, now paddling a ski, and slicing a massive 1:09 off his PB.

Most consistent was Steve D, only 2sec off his PB.

Congratulations to those who turned up as traditionally West Enders tend to hiberanate in winter. Also, many have gone to Europe for a great paddling and cycling holiday.


Results are-

Steve D 33:22

Gary 32:02

Gareth 25:45

Ian 25:44

Ann 45:55*

Steve m 34:42*

Paul 29:20*

Amanda 40:42*

Cynthia 40:03

*= 2016 PB

Paddlers’ 2016 PB times will be used for next month’s race on 08-2016. ( second Sat. of month)